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Piping Plovers on Cape Cod
First Piping Plover Egg of 2010 spotted on Cape Cod Beach
"In 2009 piping plovers closed Nauset Beach from May through August!" Marv said, before draining a can of Coors Light and tossing it into his bait cooler. "Now it might be April? Why even buy an ORV sticker?"


Nugget the Plover Assassin is available for hire with Nightly and Season Rates. Serving all of Cape Cod.

Nugget The Plover Assassin Senses Piping Plover Evil

Nugget's ears tremble in the presence of Piping Plover evil.

Piping Plover Fun Facts

- A group of piping plovers is known as a "deceit".
- Plovers pretend to be weak and fake injuries to distract predators
- Conservation status: Piping plovers are not considered threatened, they are in a category right next to "Least concern".
Source: http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/1001/_/Piping_Plover.aspx-