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Dining Reviews for Thai Restaurants in Central Mass
Thai Restaurant Reviews for Central MassachusettsWe sampled several Central Massachusetts Thai restaurants, with mixed results. Mango in Milford has solved the dilemma for strangers to Thai cuisine with a checklist ordering system that allows you to pick your vegetables, meat, sauce, and accompaniments. Yoong Tong in Northborough offered great dining on several occasions, but be aware of unreasonable delivery fees. Thai Cha-Da in Worcester had a weird vibe and cool raised seating in the center of the aging room. Racha Thai in Worcester provided aging shrimp, more of an infraction. Siam Village in Maynard was a good meal in tight quarters, but no Tom Ka Gai soup was a disappointment. Escargot in Marlborough was just plain weird, completely empty and missing on the promise of French influenced Thai food, while nearby Chez Siam proved adequate but not overwhelming
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