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Massachusetts Food and Dining Reviews: Framingham MA
Looking for good restaurants in Framingham Massachusetts? Here's some restaurant reviews and dining tips for restaurants in Framingham, MA:
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Reviews of Indian Restaurants in Framingham MA:

Gold Star, Rt. 30 Framingham. Nice smaller buffet usually consisting of 1-3 fried appetizers (usually veggie pakoras, samosas, or fried veggies), tandoori-grilled Chicken Tikka, a chicken curry dish or two (the white tikka masala meat doesn't appear to be tandoori grilled, the curry meat is dark meat), Saag Paneer (spinach and cheese), a chickpea or potato-based meal in sauce, and occasionally lamb curry. You can fill a takeout container for the buffet price, nice if you don't have time to sit and enjoy it. Get the naan while its hot, the stuff at the bottom of the buffet bin is usually junk.

Welcome Indian Food, Rt. 9. Despite the very odd appearance of this place's big yellow sign on route 9, it actually was better than I thought. They cook a whole naan fresh with your order, a nice touch. Good food selection, although i slightly prefer Gold Star. The place was pretty empty when I went, nice in terms of not having to muscle out enthusiastic buffet-goers, just don't go too late after lunch or you'll be eating the same piece of food thats been sitting there the whole time. Nice little dining area with picturesque views of Route 9. Nice service, seemed happy to see you. Probably could use a refresher course in marketing their brand, I avoided this place for many years just because it looked sketchy. A new sign and theme outside should be a priority.

Minerva, Sherwood Plaza Framingham. The newest incarnation of the spot previously held by The Curry Leaf. More expensive but larger buffet selection than Gold star, although their appetizers were more vegetable-based with things like squash. This place was packed on a recent Thursday afternoon, which reduced the charm of our table set beside the plate pile at the buffet. Fighting lines of traffic was no fun. Good food, real white-meat Tikka in the Chicken Tikka Masala, not half-assed cubes of regular chicken breast like some buffets will put out. Be careful to read the signs, because that bite of lamb I thought I was chewing on was identified by a fellow diner as being goat.

Bollywood Cafe, Rt. 9 Framingham. The barroom feel sets it apart from it's Shrewsbury sibling, and the buffet was good. Lots of options in the neighborhood now.

Reviews of Barbeque Restaurants in Framingham MA:

Firefly's BBQ, Old Conn. Path, Framingham. Lunch Buffet makes this the most reasonable way to up your Cholesterol Level in Framingham at Lunchtime. One time there were no ribs at the buffet, which wasn't amusing. Good stuff for a Friday afternoon when it doesn't matter than your innards can't absorb all the pig grease, you won't be getting a lot of work done that afternoon.

Tennessee's BBQ, Rt. 30 Framingham. Nice little Southern Juke Joint in a convenient strip mall. Good smoked food, gonna cost you a decent chunk to sample it all. Pulled pork and bbq beef sandwiches are a nice lunch. They have a pulled pork burrito, but when i bought it it seemed only 1/2 filled and the avocado was missing, which was a bummer. Given the choice I'd probably choose Fireflies, but it sucks eating at buffets if you're alone so Tennessee's is the best option for solo diners.

Reviews of restaurants in Framingham MA:

The Aegean Restaurant, Rt. 30 Framingham. A large, updated dining area consists of several attached rooms and a bar area. A plate of feta cheese and dipping oil arrived instantly at the table as I sat, along with a few triangles of pita bread and several slices of white bread. Although not identifiable as freshly baked, it was a nice start. The Aegean offers several lunch specials that include a sandwich wrap and soup/salad for $6.99. From this list I selected the classic Gyro and the Lemon Egg Chicken soup. The server returned seconds later with the soup, a thick lemon-accented broth with chunks of chicken and rice. I found no egg, but the broth was flavorful and rich. The Gyro arrived shortly, filled with lightly seasoned chunks of lamb and roasted pork, along with onions, lettuce, and tomato and a light dressing. While expecting a Gyro that was a combination of lamb and other meat pressed together with spices and sliced thin, the chunks here were straight meat. Several pieces of the lamb were unchewable, and there was a large strip of pork loin fat that pulled out several half cut chunks of pork when I bit in. I pulled these pieces out, and needed to inspect the visible end of the sandwich to make sure the meat was tender prior to biting in. It's too bad, because it was very flavorful, but for 6.99 I guess you can't ask for the world. They offer combination plates with a tasty spinach pie, grape leaves, and meatballs that come with a huge side of rice and a salad, a big meal for the money.

The Chicken Bone Saloon, Waverly St. Framingham. They say this place used to be the kind of place you'd snap off the end of a beer bottle and try to cut some drunk Biker's throat, but it sure as hell ain't now. Famous for their Buffalo Chicken Wings. The Thermonuclear Hot Sauce had a good bite to it, no tears though, and not as balanced a flavor as the Just Plain Hot. Definitely one of the best boneless Buffalo wings you'll ever eat. Some of the other sauce options are interesting. I tried one of the ones with what the waitress described as a honeymustard glaze, but it was like a soup in the little paper serving container. The Roman was another one worth checking out if you don't mind garlic breath all afternoon. Thei Sexy Fries come out hot, but they're still just waffle fries and I don't think you'l find them nearly as erotic as the name might suggest.