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Massachusetts Food and Dining Reviews
Bocado Tapas Wine Bar
Bocado Nestled at the intersection of Water, Winter, and Grafton streets below the rumbling of Route 290, the urban brick facade of Bocado Wine and Tapas Bar holds true to its Worcester roots in the much touted yet still evolving Canal District.  Valet Parking negates the lack of nearby parking spaces  (both are unusual  occurrences in this city) and upon entering the restaurant further upscale touches become evident.
The clean, modern look of the lengthy bar along the left wall provides perfect cover for the groups of  mostly women fashionably sipping wine and chatting aside overpriced handbags.  This audience seems heavily targeted by Bocado, judging by the décor and menu offerings, and this recent Thursday evening was no exception. (View Article)
Piping Plovers taste like Baby Eagles Without the Guilt
Valentines Day Massacre at Tomasso Tratoria
Valentines Day Massacre at Tomasso Tratoria
Not every oyster yields a pearl, but they do occasionally offer lessons doomed to repeat themselves until learned. Such is the case with our 14th of February visit to Tomasso Tratoria in Southboro. The special four-course Prix fixe menu and wine pairings was intriguing, given the reputation for the food quality from Tomasso. We were seated in a row of small tables looking into the kitchen, very close quarters making private conversation impossible. Service was slow given the Valentine's Rush, and timing of the meal would prove a problem all night. The first course of broiled Wellfleet oysters with preserved lemon, bread crumbs and herbs was delicious but very surprising, given the plurality of the menu's description and the contrast with the individual oyster that arrived on my plate. Very unexpected that an entire course would consist of a single bite, perhaps the kitchen was running low, but nonetheless a rough start. The shrimp and marscapone Raviolli (View Article)