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Outhouse Basement Politics: America in Decline
Better roll up your pantlegs America, the Outhouse Basement is almost Full. We're fucked. You can't rule the world forever I guess.
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"Why I support teen pregnancy"
Don WhitmanGuest Columnist Don Whitman, Millbridge MA
Years ago, late in the last millennium, Republicans anointed themselves as the saviors of “Family Values” to increase their electability among religious conservatives.  Abstinence-only sex-ed policies in schools and Pro-Life views on abortion were primary tenets of this creed. This was a mistake that has destroyed the Republican Party. 
As our national deficit skyrocketed under their supposedly “fiscally conservative” economic policies, other hypocricies reared their ugly heads quicker than a congressional foot brushing into your stall at Midwestern airport.  An urgent need was realized – since all of this national debt was being passed to our grandchildren, it is important to limit this burden as much as possible by increasing the number of people who will be paying it off.  The era of Family Values has come to a close. (Read Article)
"Send me money or I'll kill this tree!"
Don WhitmanGuest Columnist Don Whitman, Millbridge MA
With all of you guilt-ridden environ-mental midgets out there willing to spend money on your lunatic "save the planet" conspiracies like carbon credits and organic apples, now is the perfect time to step up and show your support for your precious Mother Earth.
Put your money where your mouth is.  Send me money, or I’ll kill this tree! (View Article)